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Dayton Freight Lines Review

Dayton Freight Lines specializes in truckload and less-than-truckload freight services and has earned a solid reputation for exceptional service delivery.

This company operates 65 service centers in 15 Midwest states and employs more than 5,500 workers. Operating without union representation, its aim is to train and empower its associates for continuous improvement, customer loyalty and building strong partnerships.

Company Information

This family-owned business is well known for their exceptional customer service and care, boasting a stellar track record when it comes to safety and security. They boast an engaging website design as well as strong social media channels; in addition, they prioritize employee rewards and incentives with comprehensive health, dental, vision benefits as well as an 401(k) plan available for their employees.

Dayton Freight Lines boasts one of the best workplace environments in their industry, making Dayton Freight Lines an engaging workplace filled with enthusiastic employees who offer interesting perspectives. Furthermore, with multiple departments and divisions enabling collaboration and teamwork to flourish. Headquartered in Dayton Ohio with over 5,800 employees at its peak; 70 service centers; 9 strategic partners operate within their reach – truly an outstanding organization!


Dayton Freight Lines was established in 1981 as a union-free, private less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carrier offering one or two day service to thousands of cities throughout 15 Midwest states and employing 6,800 associates. Today it maintains 70+ service centers with operations covering 1 to 2 days service for each city in its service radius.

Services provided include customized truckload and logistics services, freight management & tracking and more. With a diverse workforce made up of administrative personnel, customer service representatives, data entry operatorss and engineers as well as specialists from other fields; services provided include tailored truckload & logistics delivery for customized loads as well as freight management & tracking for tracked cargo deliveries.

The Company provides flexible work arrangements designed to support career growth and work-life balance, such as part-time schedules or alternative schedules or remote work flexibility.

Allied International Group and has created an environment in which “thinking about others is the norm”. Employees and leadership participate in initiatives designed to promote kindness, safety, respect, support and more – while the company also sponsors charitable giving and environmental sustainability.

Freight Tracking

Dayton Freight Lines is a regional less than truckload (LTL) carrier operating a network of more than 40 service centers throughout the US, providing on-time freight delivery services for businesses in this country.

Dayton Freight Lines not only offers traditional transportation services, but they also provide warehousing and logistics solutions for businesses as well as online shipment tracking capabilities.

Dayton Freight Lines makes tracking your shipments easy: Simply enter their pro/bol number into our online tracking tool, which is free and user-friendly.

Dayton Freight Lines allows you to enable background tracking of their shipments, gathering and making it available in StarShip Dashboard for review.

StarShip can also automatically send pickup requests to Dayton Freight when your shipment is processed; this option must be enabled for each carrier in the Carrier Setup tab.


Dayton Freight Lines stands out as a leader in regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation by emphasizing safety and quality as its top priorities. Their mission statement: Deliver Value Now While Setting The Standard For Tomorrow.

Dayton Freight prides itself on cultivating an environment that fosters professional, positive, and people-centric business practices. Management strives to train and empower associates for continuous improvement with customers and suppliers as well as build long-term partnerships between all.

Dayton Freight Lines operates from 58 service centers located across 14 Midwest states and employs more than 5,000 people. Their diverse assembly and distribution services range from local pickups to next-day deliveries, offering everything from local pickups to next day deliveries.

Omnitracs’ Mobile Computing Platform 200 and hours of service application to enhance driver safety while remaining compliant with FMCSA regulations. In addition, they participate in Omnitracs Analytics’ Sleep Management program by collecting data through Omnitracs Analytics Hours of Service application on board trucks to predict when employees may sleep.

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